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Topics related to neurodiversity in the workplace

The neurodiversity paradigm and neuroinclusion
Overview of neurodiversity and the neurodiversity paradigm. Exploration of ways to create a neuroinclusive environment.
Neurodiversity and neurodivergence
Various neurodivergent profiles, their cooccurrences and their impact on the individual and their working environment.
Intersectionality and neuroinclusion
Introduction to intersectionality and how it affects neuroinclusion practices in the workplace.
Cognitive bias and stereotype threat
Understanding how our beliefs are influenced by our surroundings and the way these affect our perception of neurodivergence and neuroinclusion.
Neurodivergent employees and the double empathy problem
Exploration of the double empathy problem and its potential consequences in a neurodiverse work environment.
Legislation governing neuroinclusion in the workplace
Overview of the legal framework relating to neuroinclusion. Discussion on how to reconcile these legal frameworks with your organizational reality.
The neuroinclusive work environment
Mentorship, the work environment, task adjustment and teamwork. Exploring various strategies for managing a neurodiverse work team.
Organizational barriers to neuroinclusion in the workplace
Overview of organizational obstacles identified through research and suggested solutions that fit your organization's reality
The neuroinclusive staffing process
How to implement a neuroinclusive recruitment, hiring and induction process.
Neurodivergent employees and onboarding or induction practices
Overview of effective neuroinclusive induction practices according to various types of organizations and the current state of research. Discussion of possible applications in your organisation.
Neuroinclusive workplace assessments
How to plan, develop and implement neuroinclusive performance assessment tools in the workplace.
Workplace adjustments
Overview of the roles and responsibilities with regard to workplace adjustments. Exploration of the key factors that influence workplace adjustments and the creation of a neuroinclusive environment depending on the organizational context.
The link between leadership styles and neurodiversity
The interplay between leadership styles, various organizational structures and different kinds of employees. How to align the three to create a neuroinclusive environment.
Neuroinclusive leadership in the workplace
Overview of the role and responsibilities of management with regard to neuroinclusion. Exploration of the challenges and barriers to creating a neuroinclusive work environment, and suggestions for practical solutions.
Neurodiversity at work and unions
Overview of the role and responsibilities of national and local union representatives with regard to neuroinclusion. Exploration of the challenges and barriers in creating a neuroinclusive work environment from a union perspective, and avenues for concrete solutions.
The role of human resources in the creation and sustainability of a neuroinclusive workplace
Overview of the role and responsibilities of human resources with regard to neuroinclusion. Discussions and options tailored to the role of each player, from staffing and insurance to workplace assessments. Overview of conflict management solutions in a neurodiverse team.

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