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Nina Thomas, M.Ed., PhD student

Nina has worked in education for more than twenty years, first as a teacher, then as a manager and now as an educational consultant.

She has an unconventional educational background. Her studies include  science, music and literature.

Nina holds a B.Ed. in secondary education where she specialized in differentiated instruction and assessment with a competency-based approach.

Her background in educational technology as well as in educational measurement and assessment have enabled her to create neuroinclusive learning environments that support student learning and achievement.  

Her master's degree (M.Ed) in school administration and training management led her to work on best practices in the onboarding of neurodivergent employees. Her current research interests include how education and management training programs contribute to cognitive bias towards neurodivergent students and employees. 

She sits on various advisory committees researching best-practices in neuroinclusion and she also collaborates with leading international neuroinclusion specialists.

She currently works as a consultant and trainer to educate, guide and support those involved in creating a neuroinclusive environment in employment and education.

Her consultancy and training services are aimed at educational players, managers, HR staff and union members in the various employment sectors.

Nina is currently pursuing her doctorate in neuroinclusion at Université Laval and is a student member of the National Bank Research Chair in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Education.