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Neurodiversity in education

Topics related to neurodiversity in education

The neurodiversity paradigm and neuroinclusion
Overview of neurodiversity and the neurodiversity paradigm. Exploration of ways to create a neuroinclusive environment.
Neurodiversity and neurodivergence
Various neurodivergent profiles, their cooccurrences and their impact on the individual and their learning environment.
Intersectionality and neuroinclusion
Introduction to intersectionality and how it affects neuroinclusion practices in education.
Cognitive bias and stereotype threat
Understanding how our beliefs are influenced by our surroundings and the way these affect our perception of neurodivergence and neuroinclusion.
Neurodivergent learners and the double empathy problem
Exploration of the double empathy problem and its potential consequences in the classroom and in a school setting.
Legal framework for a neuroinclusive educational environment
How to reconcile the legal framework of neuroinclusion with the everyday educational context.
Neurodiversity and the education system
Recognizing the importance of neurodiversity in mainstream education. Exploration of the impact on staff and students.
Current neuroinclusion practices in education
Overview of current neuroinclusive best practices in education.
Neuroinclusive assessment practices
How to plan, design and validate neuroinclusive assessment tools tailored to your subject and teaching level.
Neuroinclusive teaching practices
How to reconcile universal design for learning, differentiated teaching and the response to intervention to achieve a neuroinclusive learning environment. Strategies for teachers wishing to improve the quality of their teaching without adding to their workload.
The individualized education plan (IEP) and educational support measures for primary and secondary schools as well as post-secondary institutions
Exploration of the objectives and frameworks associated with an individualized education plan. A look at how to coordinate measures in different institutions ensuring a continuum of support and strategies to equip learners and those involved to foster student accessibility and achievement.
What’s better: the individualized education plan (IEP) or neuroinclusive teaching? What are the implications for educational staff?
A look at the resources used to adapt teaching and assessment for neurodivergent learners. A comparison between the resources deployed to provide learning adjustments and those used to implement a neuroinclusive learning environment.
Neuroinclusive school leadership
The role and responsibilities of school leaders regarding neuroinclusion.
The educational consultant’s role in neuroinclusive practices
The role and responsibilities of the educational consultant with regard to neuroinclusion. Exploration of various avenues of action adapted to the consultant's area of specialization and teaching level.
The role of support and professional staff in neuroinclusion
The role and responsibilities of support staff and educational professionals in relation to neuroinclusion. Exploration of various avenues of action adapted to the role of staff members and their academic field.

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