According to recent data, approximately 20% of the population is estimated to be neurodivergent.

That’s 6 out of every 30 students.

That also translates into about one fifth of your workforce.

Need help adapting to this new reality?

Whether you work in education or in management, we can help.

Our services


Lectures, training and workshops related to neurodiversity and neuroinclusive practices in education as well as in the workplace. All education offers can be tailored to your organizational needs  


Consulting services for educational or organizational actors who have an influence on neuroinclusive practices                                                                                                                                                 


Support services to improve interpersonal communication between neurodivergent employees and their counterparts


A complete assessment of your organization's neuroinclusive practices based on current research and best practices in educational and organizational neuroinclusion.

Meet our team

Nina Thomas

M.Ed., PhD (c)

Educational and organizational neuroinclusion consultant

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